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650 lb. Wildlife Trophy Feeder with 4’ Extension Legs

$999.00 $1,299.00

Texas Hunter Automatic Trophy Deer Feeders are Just Built Better to Last Longer!

An automatic feeder puts you in control of when and where the fish and wildlife feed.  All Texas Hunter Trophy deer feeders are engineered for durability and provide many years of dependable service.  They are built with galvanized steel and have the added protection of Powder-coated paint to enhance resistance to rust. These feeders include the reliable EZ Set Digital Timer.  This timer offers precise feed settings so you know exactly when and how much feed is dispensed. The TF650L4 offers a large capacity and requires less frequent filling.  Includes 4’ extension legs that make it easy to stand and fill feeder this from the ground.

Includes EZ Set Digital Timer

The Timer is the heart of any feeder. The success of a good feeding program will depend on the accuracy and reliability of the Timer.

  • Simple Design and Easy to Set
    - Feeds 1 to 9 times per day
    - Run time 1 to 60 seconds
    - Test Run 1 to 60 seconds
    - 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Built-In Battery Tester displays battery strength as Good, Fair, or Poor
  • Built-In Solar Charger Indicator
  • No internal batteries or fuses to maintain
  • Quickly Connect to battery, motor and optional solar charger
  • Display flashes to indicate optional solar charger is working properly
  • Memory Chip:
     - Saves all your feed settings, even when disconnected from battery
    • 650 lb. Stand & Fill Deer Feeder
    • 4 ft. Heavy Duty Extension Legs, Footpads and Stabilizing Stakes
    • EZ Set Digital Timer
      - Feeds 1 to 9 times per day.
      - Run Time 1 to 60 seconds.
      - Test Run 1 to 60 seconds.
    • 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery Included
    • Pre-wired for optional and recommended Solar Charger - Model SP12. See Below.
    • 100% Varmint Proof Guard - Provides complete feed protection
      - Eliminates feed waste
      - No moving parts to fail
    • - Improved Feed Distribution
    • Constructed from Galvanized steel with a Powder-Coated finish
    • Premium 12 Volt High Torque Motor
    • Built-in Sight Glass for easy feed level reference
    • Lockable compartment to store and protect Battery and Timer
    • Stainless Steel Spinner Plate with built-in gate stops that help prevent wind from turning

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