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Rotoguzz Water Collection System, Rain Guzzler

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Howdy folks! Wilson Wildlife GEAR Division is proud to announce we are a new dealer for the Rotoguzz water collection system. These rain collectors will help maximize usage of even small amounts of rain. It is designed to collect an awesome 38 gallons of water for every one inch of rainfall and stores it inside a 500 gallon tank, which helps minimize loss due to evaporation. The unit can be set straight on level ground or buried depending on your use. Some more facts:
  • Large 8×8 skirt to maximize rain collection. One inch of rain results in 38 gallons of stored water.
  • As water is collected, a natural water movement occurs ensuring adequate exposure for watering wildlife. This also minimizes evaporation.
  • The ramp can be molded as an entrance ramp for small game or birds or can be reversed to allow larger game to drink from the deeper water.
  • Gritty, slip resistant ramp surface ensures wildlife safely and allows the ramp to serve as an escape outlet.
  • Vertical center supports prevent the top from collapsing under virtually any natural load.
  • No assembly or burial required. All that is needed is a level spot of ground. If desired, you may bury it up to the skirt to allow easy access for smaller game. However, the skirt must remain exposed.
  • Maintenance free – simply set in place and let it work its magic.
  • Standard grey colors that blend into any environment. It is also available in custom colors.
  • Easy transportation – Two units easily fit into the bed of a full size truck.